Freemasonry is open to people from all walks of life, regardless of your race, religion, sexual orientation or socio-economic position in society.



Please watch this first of 6 videos made by the United Grand Lodge of England, featuring real Freemasons talking about their reasons for joining and continuing participation.

You'll find out exactly why we have thrived for many more than 300 years.

Each member may have had a different reason for joining, but ultimately enjoyment of a unique and absorbing hobby makes us proud to be Freemasons.

Friendship and kindness are the fuels that drive the engine of our worldwide organisation. Improving ourselves to be the best we can, and helping our fellow creatures in need in our local communities, nationally and around the world provides tremendous personal rewards.

Enjoy the whole series of 6 Discovering Freemasonry Videos

Produced by the United Grand Lodge of England

What is Freemasonry?

Life of a Freemason

Origins of Fremasonry

Symbolism of Fremasonry

Principles of Freemasonry


We really hope these videos have made you curious, inspired or resonated with you.

If so, we are delighted!

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By becoming an Oxfordshire Freemason you will make great and enduring friendships, join a worldwide organisation that is different from anything else, enjoy a happy and engaging social life, connect to something with a centuries old tradition and timeless values, help worthwhile causes in your own community, county, country and far beyond, grow as an individual, and add an entirely new dimension to your life. Meetings are fun and you can be as involved as much as you wish. 

Freemasonry makes lives better.

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